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hatch [n][en]
1)a movable barrier covering a hatchway
    Synonyms :舱壁 escotilla люка バッハ tratteggio 해치 
    See Also: movable_barrier  hatchway  cargo_hatch 
2)shading consisting of multiple crossing lines
    Synonyms :crosshatch hachure hatching hachura incubação 舱壁 sombreado штриховки 网纹 líneas_de_sombra escotilla incubar штриховать люка штриховка 孵化 バッハ gitterschnitt クロスハッチ けば ハッチング tratteggio cova bruteier hachures couver 해치 부화 
    See Also: shading  crosshatch 
3)the production of young from an egg
    Synonyms :hatching incubação 舱壁 escotilla incubar люка штриховка 孵化 バッハ ハッチング tratteggio cova bruteier couver 해치 부화 
    See Also: birth  brood 
hatch [v][en]
1)sit on (eggs); "Birds brood"; "The female covers the eggs"
    Synonyms :brood cover incubate ninhada tampa incubar 育雏 cubrir обложка escotilla люка проинкубируйте 孵化 バッハ covata couvain brut 품다 くよくよ copertura couvrir 덮다 覆う インキュベート tratteggio incubare inkubieren incuber 해치 부화 
    See Also: breed  sit  multiply  brooding  brooder  brood 
2)emerge from the eggs; "young birds, fish, and reptiles hatch"
    Synonyms :escotilla люка バッハ tratteggio 해치 
    See Also: be_born  hatchery  brood 
3)draw, cut, or engrave lines, usually parallel, on metal, wood, or paper; "hatch the sheet"
    Synonyms :escotilla люка バッハ tratteggio 해치 
    See Also: line  crosshatch 
4)devise or invent; "He thought up a plan to get rich quickly"; "no-one had ever thought of such a clever piece of software"
    Synonyms :concoct dream_up think_of think_up tramar sonhar pensar_em soñar придумать состряпать 想出 炮制 фантазировать 梦想 escotilla люка pensar_en думать バッハ concocter inventare escogitare zusammenbrauen 만들어야 sognare rêver ausdenken 仕組む  夢を を考える tratteggio imaginer pensez_à 해치 생각 생각해_내다 
    See Also: create_by_mental_act  concoction  idealise  cook_up 
5)inlay with narrow strips or lines of a different substance such as gold or silver, for the purpose of decorating
    Synonyms :escotilla люка バッハ tratteggio 해치 
    See Also: inlay  handicraft  crosshatch 

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